A quick Photography Guide

Today it is a scientifically accepted fact – the world is constantly in a state of motion (from tiny particles to macrocosms). It seems to me that we are often not aware of the visual consequences this fact leaves. This means that there cannot be two identical occurrences of the world in two different moments. If it were possible for the whole world to fit into one photo and one such photo to be repeated from moment to moment, none of the photographs would be the same. 

What is it that photography says about the world, the weather, and the world in time? The advent of photography changes the usual conception of time in a revolutionary and paradoxical way. 

Whether our reality is relativized and subjective representation of reality or “real” reality, perhaps it could also be explained by the example of photography: two people would photograph the same phenomenon in two completely different ways. This would give you two completely different experiences of the world. 

As with other communication systems – a word, a letter, a picture, a tone, a photographic message can contain only informative, informative and emotional or only emotional components. 

– The first group includes informative reportage journalistic photography and documentary scientific photography that have only the character of information. 

– The second group includes authorial – subjective reportage and documentary photography, which, in addition to informative, contain an emotional component. 

– The third – creative visual and decorative (artistic) includes photographs that contain predominantly or exclusively emotional components. 

Sometimes the moment gives importance to the photo, sometimes the photo gives importance to the moment. 

Among a handful of insignificant moments, some are part of an important historical context (or context becomes important just because it has been photographed in a certain way) and even photography itself has historical and sociological significance. 

Some of the photographs have no representational role other than to contribute to their aesthetic harmony. 

photography is given a privileged status among the arts because it directly copies reality. All other forms of art indirectly imitate reality, and thus change it to a much greater extent. 

Describing photography as drawing light is its most important material feature, but drawing over time is formally an essential feature of photography. 

In this way, we see that photography can move us to areas where we would not expect it at first glance. 

Photography aims to convey thoughts, ideas, messages and feelings to the viewer, to convince him of some information, to stimulate thinking, and finally to act. Product photos create effective communication between your customers and your products in a way that is specific and not possible through a written word. 

When advertising your service or product, devote time to photography. In a mass of competing content, users will notice the most interesting one, which stands out from the rest and is well done. 

Poor photography gives the impression that your product or service is also bad. The big difference is between ‘photo’ and ‘good photo’. This does not necessarily mean that you have to hire the most expensive professional photographer in town to shoot your products for a new website, flyer or billboard, but it does mean that you have to pay attention to framing basics, good light and whether the message that is conveyed to consumers is clearly understood. 

Don’t hesitate to spend money on original photos, as your investment will ultimately be returned to you through the interests and confidence of your clients. Also, photos are not a one-off thing, you can use them for a variety of content and promotional materials. 

Beautiful photos will get better results in online marketing, users will more often click on them, comment on them and share them, increasing the reach of your posts and the visibility of the page itself. Photography tells the story of your product, service, or business, and everyone wants that story to be compelling, professional, and authentic. 

Promoting a product in the 21st century is not an extremely difficult task. With the advent of the Internet and digital technologies that bring everything to your palm, you can easily create your online store. Product placement can be done with just a few clicks, but extracting that same product in a sea of similar ones with competition growing day by day is not easy. 

Studio photography is a necessary segment for your product to be presented in the best possible way. In the right studio, with the right amount of light and a professional photographer, you can be sure that your product will shine at its best.